Women's Drug Rehab in Minneapolis

Women struggling with addiction often have unique problems that must be addressed in order for women's drug rehab in Minneapolis to succeed. These women may have been the victims of physical or sexual abuse, may have mental health issues underlying the addiction or may have deep concerns about children they have left in order to enter treatment. Programs that address these issues often see the greatest rates of success in the treatment of women's addiction problems.

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Women and Addiction

Although the public believes that addiction is more common among men, a growing number of women are struggling with addiction problems. Women are more likely to use substances to deal with symptoms of mental illness or to control the aftermath of traumatic experiences. Once they are addicted, women are less likely to feel they can get away from partners and family responsibilities for treatment. Providing encouragement and support for these and other issues can ensure success in their treatment.

Common Reasons for Addiction in Women

  • Emotional loss - Some women have lost children, spouses or parents, leaving them with profound feelings of grief that they try to treat with substance abuse.
  • Trauma - Women may have experienced trauma that continues to disrupt their mental well-being, leaving them vulnerable to substance abuse.
  • Parenting & Treatment Issues - Women who have a substance problem may not get treatment in the early stages because of family responsibilities.
  • Abuse - Some women are in an abusive relationship and may require counseling for self-esteem issues.
  • PTSD - Many women suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder from past events for they have not been treated, which can often cause them to use substances to treat their symptoms.

Treatment Modalities for Women

Treatment programs that are designed specifically for women can address the problems of women in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality. Problems regarding relationships, child-rearing and work can be dealt with in a more accepting atmosphere, without judgement. Addiction treatment programs that are designed for can include methods such as art therapy, yoga, music therapy and others. These methods have been found to be particularly helpful for women dealing with addiction issues, because they help with self-expression and self-esteem issues.

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