Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Minneapolis, MN

Many of those who struggle with addiction also struggle with mental health problems. In a lot of ways, addiction and these disorders feed off of each other, causing an endless cycle that requires dual diagnosis treatment.

At Minneapolis Drug Treatment Centers, they provide comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment that is designed not only to help the patient recover from their addiction, but also to help them cope with their mental health problems in a healthy and effective way. If you or someone you love is suffering from co-existing disorders, call the dual diagnosis treatment specialists at Minneapolis Drug Treatment Centers at (877) 804-1531.

Mental Health Disorders and Addiction

There are several mental health disorders that are commonly associated with addiction. These are the ones that are most often diagnosed together.

Eating Disorders

Research shows that those with an eating disorder are five times more likely than the general population to abuse drugs or alcohol. Thought to be mainly biological, the thinking patterns between eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia are similar to those of substance abuse. Drug or alcohol addiction can also make eating disorders more severe.


Depression can lead to addiction and addiction can lead to depression. This is one of the most commonly seen dual diagnoses. Alcoholism, in particular, is seen in those with depression, as it is a nervous system depressant that triggers feelings of lethargy, sadness, and hopelessness.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A large number of those struggling with addiction also suffer from OCD. It is thought that the repetitive compulsive behaviors associated with OCD easily translate to substance abuse.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Alcohol or drug addiction is very common in those with PTSD. Because post-traumatic stress disorder causes feeling of intense anxiety including intrusive memories and nightmarish flashbacks, many people turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with the pain. Other people turn to substances for some measure of control in their lives.


Like PTSD, anxiety and addiction often go hand in hand. The reason for this is that drugs and alcohol can be used as a way to diminish anxiety, to reduce its negative effects. It helps curb the anxiety and settle the anxious person down.

Treatment Available

A number of different treatment options are available for those with both a mental health disorder and addiction. Dual diagnosis treatments programs start with an inpatient medical detoxification. This helps initially wean the patient off the drug they are using. A medical team closely monitors this process to ensure safety.

Numerous types of therapy are then provided after drug or alcohol detox facilities. They are specifically tailored to each patient. The therapy offered after a dual diagnosis is designed to focus on both the addiction and the mental health disorder in question.

Minneapolis Drug Treatment Centers, also offer addiction aftercare services. These services are designed to provide long-term care. It is often imperative to engage in this type of treatment to reduce the likelihood of relapse, whether due to the addiction itself or the mental health disorder.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options for those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. The key to successful treatment, however, is to find a program that offers joint care for both. For more information about the dual diagnosis treatment services and programs offered at Minneapolis Drug Treatment Centers, call (877) 804-1531 today.

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