Facts about Dextromethorphan Abuse

Learn About Dextromethorphan Abuse and How to Find Treatment

Dextromethorphan is an over-the-counter drug that treats severe coughs. Essentially, it is a form of cough syrup. Dextromethorphan abuse occurs when users of this drug take it for recreation. One of the most difficult things about it is that it is legal. Almost anyone can purchase the drug at their local pharmacy or grocery store.

For this reason, dextromethorphan abuse is especially common among young adults and teens. It is possible for young people to go online and find out how to abuse the drug to get high or how to extract the active ingredient from the drug in order to take it separately.

What happens to the body when dextromethorphan is abused?

Dextromethorphan abuse or cough syrup abuse does cause some specific changes to the body and mind. In fact, when taking the drug, there are generally four plateaus of intoxication. These are often described as the signs and symptoms associated with using this drug.

First, a sense of feeling drunk takes over the individual. This is mild inebriation that makes the user feel a sense of happiness and the idea that they have no worries.

The second phase encompasses feeling even more inebriated, and it can cause the user to have physical symptoms of "drunkenness" including slurred speech and trouble walking straight. Some users may even see mild hallucinations. It is possible for your short-term memory to be impaired at this point as well

An altered state of consciousness occurs with the third level of inebriation. The senses become impaired, including vision.

The final stage of inebriation from dextromethorphan is actually losing one's sense of one's body. This is extreme abuse of the drug, and at this stage, it is similar to someone abusing other addictive drugs like PCP or ketamine.

Full DXM addiction is possible

Dextromethorphan addiction or DXM addiction can occur when dextromethorphan abuse or cough syrup abuse occurs for a long period of time. It is possible for an individual to develop a dependence to the drug, which also causes tolerance. This means that more of the drug needs to be taken over time in order to achieve the same high that was initially experienced.

There is no cure for DXM addiction, but there is help

As is the case with all other drugs and alcohol, there is no cure for DXM addiction. But the good news that there is help, and if you can begin treatment and complete a program, sobriety is possible.

If you are going through DXM addiction right now, however, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. The first thing to remember is that you should never attempt to recover from a drug addiction on your own.

When someone is chemically and physically dependent on a substance, they cannot stop taking it all at once without experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms. Like any other serious drug, DXM does have severe withdrawal symptoms that will be uncomfortable and painful for the user.

This is why professional treatment must be a part of your recovery plan. It is best to check into a residential treatment for at least a few weeks in order to achieve lasting sobriety. During this time, detox will also take place, and a skilled medical staff will monitor your vital signs and your comfort as you go through withdrawal - sometimes being able to limit your experience of withdrawal symptoms.

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