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Moral reconation therapy (MRT) is a substance abuse treatment program that works to increase a person's moral reasoning abilities as a means to help a person achieve sobriety. Minneapolis addiction therapy programs like MRT are an example of cognitive-behavioral programs for those who suffer from addiction. This approach involves learning to recognize addictive lines of thinking and then correcting the behaviors whenever possible.

More than one million people have participated in moral reconation therapy. Also, more than 120 research studies and reports have been conducted regarding MRT and its effectiveness in reducing substance abuse relapse. The science behind MRT is that many people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol lack judgment and knowledge to make decisions not to engage in substance abuse. By teaching decision-making skills and moral reasoning, a person is able to make healthier decisions.

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How MRT is Used

Minneapolis drug and addiction treatment centers use this therapy particularly on clients who were traditionally resistant to receiving treatment or who have repeatedly relapsed.

Benefits to the Addict

MRT benefits the addict by teaching him or her to not only achieve sobriety, but also to improve his or her decision-making as a whole. This can benefit a person in his or her occupation and relationships.

What Does It Focus On?

Moral reconation therapy focuses on 16 defined steps based on seven treatment issues. These seven treatment issues include:

  • Assessment of current relationships
  • Attitudes
  • Behaviors
  • Confrontation of beliefs
  • Decrease in hedonism and development of frustration tolerance
  • Development of higher stages of moral reasoning
  • Enhancement of self-concept
  • Positive identity formation
  • Reinforcement of positive behaviors and habits

What Are the Steps in Moral Reconation Therapy?

Participating in MRT involves attending group meetings once or twice weekly. Those who participate in the program will typically complete it in three to six months. During moral reconation therapy, a person will change his or her attitudes to being focused one one's self and what feels good at the time to thinking of others and considering the good of society.

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